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Prelinger Archives
by Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc.
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Produced by Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc., in collaboration with Stewart A. Koser, Ph.D, Department of Bacteriology and Parasitology, the University of Chicago, Warren Everote, Producer. 0595 PA8087 Bacteria: Friend and Foe
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Topics: Motion Pictures: In Education, Science, Health and Hygiene
California Academy of Sciences Films & Videos
by California Academy of Sciences
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Description : This episode features Dr. Rex C. Mack from the Hughes Aircraft company of Glendale, California delivers a progress report on information relay and the construction of a new robot which would gather information during the first moon landing. Source : 1 Reel of 1: Film: 16mm Digitized by the California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP) .
Topic: californiarevealed
Sci-Fi / Horror
by Gaston Hakim
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A plane crash leaves a dance troupe stranded on a deserted island where a mutant spider bite turns the troupe's leader into a monster. This movie was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 ep. 1011. You can find out more about this movie on its IMDB page .
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Topics: horror, sci-fi, MST3K, dubbed, camp
by Ambient Field
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Patrick Wiklacz continues to indulge his (and our) fascinations with classic science fiction and analog synthesizers, at the intersection of the past and the future. This score for an imaginary sci-fi movie incorporates all manner of otherworldly noises in alien configurations, synthesized and saturated, chilling despite their warmth.
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Community Audio
by Carlos Alberto Díaz Moreno
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Sound Fx pack for sci-fi videogame
Topics: Sci-fi, sound design, Fx
Community Audio
by max-_-mod
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Sound effects to use for Sci-Fi projects.
Topics: sound effect, sci-fi